About the author

Michael Seifert

Software Engineer

  • m.seifert@digitalernachschub.de
  • +49 8254 4869987
  • Altomünster, Germany

I am a consulting Software Engineer who helps his clients minimize the operational and maintenance cost of their software. I specialize in the architecture and implementation of Python systems in Cloud environments.

Are you operating a software system that fails to meet the existing availability or performance requirements? KPIs are looking bad, the system is getting slower by the day, and the IT support is flooded with tickets.

Are you developing a software solution that just doesn't take off? Development progress is unexpectedly slow, even though the teams are working hard to meet deadlines.

Do you want to develop a new, low-maintenance solution to ensure none of the above will happen?

If you answered “yes” at least once while reading the above, chances are high that I can support you. Please see the following overview and find out how I helped my clients in previous projects:

Software service for processing media files

PythonKafkaDockerS3PrometheusTerraformAnsibleGitOpsInfrastructure as Code

Key contributions:

  • Architectural concept
  • Automated provisioning and configuration of infrastructure for tests in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Automated software releases based on version control tags

Certification AWS Solutions Architect Associate


Automated identity verification based on passports and ID cards

JavaSpring BootMongoDBVue.jsCloudFoundry

Key contributions:

  • CloudFoundry Buildpack to reuse existing company IP for optical character recognition
  • Web page visualizing intermediate results of the business processes for sales demos and stakeholder management
  • Reduction of technical project risks through prototypes and feasibility studies

Enabling TV broadcast operation


Key contributions:

  • Improved reliability of operational alerts
  • Improved reliability of event processing and transactions
  • Identify and implement necessary architectural changes in collaboration with the Solution Architect
  • 50⨯ performance increase and stabilization of a business-critical ETL process

Modernization of a legacy software system

JavaSpringJPAVaadinOracle 11gDocker

Key contributions:

  • Simplification of the project setup for developers
  • Updating the Vaadin-based frontend to a new major Version of Vaadin

Delivery of debit card PINs via SMS

JavaSpring BootSOAPActiveMQOracle 11gQuartzAngularJSJenkinsPCI-DSS

Key contributions:

  • Introduction of a testing strategy
  • Database migration from MySQL to Oracle
  • Automation of system tests
  • Extension of the Continuous Integration pipelines

Unified communication channels to the customer for use in CRM


Key contributions:

  • Architectural concept

Highly available serial number generation for integrated circuits manufacturing

JavaSpringActiveMQSOAPOracle 11gQuartzSoapUIJenkinsDocker

Key contributions:

  • Database performance analysis and improvement
  • Automation of system tests