About the author

Michael Seifert

Cloud and DevOps Consultant

  • m.seifert@digitalernachschub.de
  • +49 8254 4869987
  • Altomünster, Germany

Michael is a freelancing IT consultant and engineer who focuses on maintainable distributed systems. He supports his clients in all stages of the software lifecycle from the planning phase all the way to operations.

Do you have a development team spending most of their time fixing unexpected issues and keeping the application alive? They don't have time for new features. And if they manage to start, it's expensive and takes a long time.

Do you want to improve the availability or perfomance of your Java or Python software? Web pages take ages to load, and the application is getting slower by the day.

Do you want to develop a new, low-maintenance solution to ensure none of the above will happen?

If you answered "yes" at least once while reading the above, chances are high that I can support you. Please see the following overview of my previous projects.

Implementation of a microservices architecture in CloudFoundry for processing passports and ID cards

JavaSpring BootRestAssuredMongoDBVue.js

Modernization and further development of a legacy software system

JavaJPAVaadinOracle 11g

Implementation of a microservices architecture for the delivery of PINs via SMS

JavaSpring BootSOAPActiveMQOracle 11gQuartzAngularJSJenkinsSoapUI

Refinement of a distributed system for the generation and delivery of unique serial numbers

JavaSpringActiveMQSOAPOracle 11gQuartz

Design of a software system that unifies different communication channels based on a customer-specific requirements